Propagating Strawberries

Strawberries are possibly the easiest plant to propagate. Maybe even easier than succulents. When I first received my strawberries from my sister Kelly, they were starts in a bag with water. They had long roots. Kelly told me that once my strawberries were mature, I could start some of my own. I remembered this and tried it this year.

Honeoye strawberry plants extending their arms

When a strawberry plant begins to extend its long arms outward, those are starts. I clip the starts and put the “V” shape in water. You can read more about how I did this with my Ajuga plants.

Strawberry starts in shallow water

After sitting in shallow water for at least two weeks, roots form and elongate in the water. Then the strawberries are ready to plant.

Roots are starting to form on this strawberry start

I filled nursery pots with 1/3 sand and 2/3 potting soil and planted the starts in that mixture. They do well with great drainage.

Strawberry start in a medium pot

We had a lot of heat a week or so ago (100-105 degrees for multiple days), so some of the first leaves dried up, but as long as I kept the plant watered, new leaves sprouted and the plant is thriving.

I use leftover pots from other plants that I purchased and then transplant a few weeks later into the location where they will stay forever. Usually a gallon nursery pot works for me.

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