Plants for Sale

I love starting new plants so that others can enjoy them.

Available as of 2/17/22:

Starts available this spring:

If they prove to thrive for the next month.

Schedule a pickup

We can definitely negotiate a day/time that works for both of us. I will not deliver succulents (you must pick them up at a Grass Valley location I determine), and I won’t exchange on Sundays. I’d be more flexible, but this is a hobby for me and not a business. However, it can be worth it because I have varieties that local nurseries don’t have. I’m also willing to answer your questions on how to care for your plant!

sprouts coming out of soil

You picked up your plant; now what?

They come in 3-6” plastic pots depending on their size. You might want to transfer them to a ceramic pot or the ground, depending on the plant. If you want to transfer them, you MUST be gentle. There are some tips I can give for successful transplant.

For succulents, make sure there are drainage holes in the bottom of the pot and that it leaves room for the plant to grow. Use a cactus potting mix; you might even put a 1/2” layer of sand at the bottom. Do not overwater!

No refunds. I don’t guarantee plants because I don’t know what type of care a person gives them once they leave me. However, they’re as good as they can be when they leave my house because I don’t sell plants unless I have first proven them to be thriving (except for strawberries–see why below). When I start a “start”, I watch it for several weeks to several months to make sure it’s doing well. For example, the ajuga starts and carpet sedum starts have been thriving for 6 months. When the plants leave my care and go to your house, it is now up to you to give them the right care for the type of plant.

Succulents are usually $3-10. If you buy 5+, I’ll give a discount.

Strawberries are a little more fickle and a few are likely not to survive (reminds me of chicks sometimes… sad face), which is why I’ll give you several for one price. If you’re not good with plants I recommend starting with several of the bare roots in water from me rather than the potted starts (seems counterintuitive but strawberries struggle with transplanting). Strawberries should be planted in half sand and half soil – mixed together.

Only potted strawberry starts available immediately–you must order bare roots ahead of time.

All other plants usually come in larger pots as they are usually larger in size than cute little succulents. I charge more since I have to fertilize them and also pay for the bigger plastic pots.