African Spear Plant

African Spear is the common name for Sansevieria Cylindrica. It is also known as the snake plant (its leaves look like snakes).

This is a succulent plant that requires little water and also less sunlight than other succulents do.

I bought it in a tiny little pot.

African Spear plant in its original little white pot

Today, I pulled it out after it had dried out for several days, to see what was going on under the surface. It was a cool sight. There are starts that grow up from the bottom and seek for sunlight above. It was fun to see the side view of this plant, because I usually don’t get the side view of something once it’s permanently in a pot or in the ground.

Under the surface side view of the African Spear plant

I saw that the roots were spiraling around the perimeter of this plants’ total contents, so I knew it was time to give it more breathing and spreading room. I transplanted it into a pot that other succulents had outgrown.

Young African Spear plant in its new pot

Since these are low-light plants, it will reside on the window shelf above my kitchen sink.

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