How Marigolds Bloom

This is the first time I have ever planted marigolds. In the past, I put all my focus into vegetables. However, this year I changed my tune and I have loved putting marigolds in most of our raised beds.

Marigolds in a raised bed

Marigolds are great companions to vegetables because they bring bees and other goodness. I am glad I planted them in my vegetable bed. I also have a whole bed of only marigolds in the square, middle bed along the side of our house.

I have been watching the process of how the marigolds bloom and I find it fascinating. I want to show you the process.

The bud

First comes the bud! It’s closed tightly and I can see there’s something in there waiting to show its color.

Marigold bud

Next, the bud starts to open and I can see all of the petals peeking out.

Marigold getting ready to bloom

The petals

Soon thereafter, I get to see the petals pushing out even more and opening to make room for more petals to come, pushing from the middle of the flower.

The first petals to push out expand and make room for more petals, each series of petals coming from the center.

Petals opening with still more petals pushing through from the center

Eventually, all of the petals have pushed through and have expanded, each level stacking onto the previous level of petals, to show a full flower.

Beautiful orange-red marigold

I enjoy growing marigolds. They form a little bush (they don’t grow as single flowers on a long stem). This little bush has many buds that bloom at different times.

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