Crimson Night Raspberries

Ripe Crimson Night raspberry

Crimson Night raspberries are a deep red and we grow them with Red and Double Gold raspberry varieties.

Crimson Night is a variety of raspberry that was first available for purchase in 2013. The variety was invented and introduced by Courtney Weber, Cornell small fruits breeder and associate professor of horticulture. This variety is patented: the patent is assigned to Cornell University and Courtney A. Weber is the inventor. You can purchase the variety from Stark Bros.

Crimson Night Raspberry flowers

I’ve noticed that these raspberries need more water once they start fruiting. We have had some days here that are above 100 degrees Farenheit, so we have set the irrigation to go on in the morning. Raspberries planted in the ground need thorough watering once per week according to Richard Jauron, Extension Horticulturalist at Iowa State University. You may need to water the plants differently if they are in a box or a pot.

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