Ajuga Propagation

I have three potted Ajuga plants in my back yard that have long stems with leaves growing off of them. This usually means that they are ready to be propagated.

Ajuga plant with starts growing outward

I cut the start, which it has a “V” shape to it, and set the bottom of the “V” in water for a week or two. I bought some seedling trays that work well for this. You can also use a 9×13 glass pan (not metal). I find these pans at the thrift store.

Placing the start in a tray of water

Then, roots start to form. Keep this in a shaded spot to protect the young start.

Ajuga start after a couple of weeks in shallow water

Once the roots have formed, I plant the start in soil and water it well. Tomorrow morning I will water it again to make sure it stays moist as it establishes itself in that soil.

Ajuga start in pot

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