Painted Garden Signs

This week, I have been painting garden signs! They are fun to make. If you want me to make some for you, contact me for pricing. Otherwise, read below for how to make them yourself!

First, I buy wooden stakes that are 1/4” thick and about 12” long. Really, 10-15” long works. The stakes need to have a sharp tip (triangle-shaped) so that you can get them in the ground easily, especially if you are going through weed block fabric.

Then, I coat them with a color. I actually choose one color for each species, then I write the cultivar on it. So, for Sunshine Blue Blueberries as you see above, since Blueberry is the species so all of my blueberry stakes are blue. Then I write each cultivar. In the photo above, Sunshine Blue is the cultivar.

I use paint pens to write the cultivar on the stake after the background color has been painted on. You can use a variety of colored paint pens or you can use white paint pens.

After they have dried completely, I coat the stakes with matte Mod Podge. I let them dry again and then they are ready for the garden!

Ozark Beauty garden stake, painted red

I enjoy the high contrast of color these markers have against the green leaves of the plants.

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