New Zealand Tomatoes

Our neighbor started New Zealand tomatoes from seeds and gave me one seedling just a few inches tall. I had tried to grow tomatoes from seed this year, but they got too hot in the sun one day and didn’t survive. I still have a lot to learn about starting tomatoes. All other plants seem easier to grow from seed.

The New Zealand tomato grows to a large size. We grew this same variety last year, also starting with a seedling from our neighbor.

New Zealand tomato surrounded by sun sugar cherry tomatoes

The New Zealand tomato is “meaty.” It isn’t “snotty” like other tomatoes can be. Also, the skin is thin, not tough. These two characteristics make this a great tomato variety for sandwiches.

Cross section of New Zealand tomato (cut in half)

If you want to make some New Zealand recipes, I found a New Zealand (and Australia) recipe book that you might like. Let me know how you decide to use your tomatoes!

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