Matsushima Peppers

Let me introduce you to a variety of pepper that is very rare. It was cross-pollinated, and is partial jalapeño. A friend gave us a small plant, which is doing well so far in one of the raised garden boxes. My friend calls it the “Matsushima Pepper.”

Matsushima Peppers

I asked my friend for an explanation of the history of her father’s pepper for this blog and this is what she sent:

“Once upon a time an old Asian man spent his life eating hot things, building a tolerance to peppers, grossing out his daughter by flopping large quantities of jalapeños on everything-including morning pancakes. Then one day this man was no longer impressed with the peppers of the world for he had tried them all (only one with volcanic effects) so he took off his rice hat and replaced it with a mad scientist wig which he wore while creating… The Matsushima Pepper! dun dun dun”

Matsushima Peppers

And then she gave me the shorter, more serious version:

“My dad always grows peppers and tomatoes because of the nice San Diego climate so he makes some hybrids for fun now and again until it’s something he likes and will eat a lot of.”

Cross section of a Matsushima Pepper

Do you have any newly invented plants? Send photos and tell me about them!

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