When Mushrooms Appear

When it rains a lot in one week or when a plant some decay, mushrooms appear in our garden.

Mushrooms in the Day Lilies

Mushrooms often appear in our day lilies because day lilies have a natural cycle of a part of the plant dying and a new part of the plant coming up the next season. This season, however, it simply rained for a whole week and mushrooms appeared.

Mushrooms when plucked from the root

Never should you eat mushrooms from the garden. They can be poisonous, and even to the touch, which is why I wear gloves when handling them and picking them out of the ground. Your store-bought mushrooms are a safe bet for ingestion. There are mushrooms that you can grow and eat, but you have to really know what you’re doing and understand the species you are growing. Mushrooms that just appear are not to be treated as food.

A mushroom in the Savillum Garden

I have wondered what the accordion feature on the underside of a mushroom’s head is. Those are called the gills, yes, like a fish! These are also called lamella. They open up and let the spores come out, which produce more mushrooms.

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