SunSparkler Sedum Lime Zinger

I have a pot that hosts a low-profile succulent called SunSparkler Sedum, specifically the Lime Zinger.

SunSparkler Lime Zinger, February

The SunSparkler is a variety in the Sedum genus, which is part of the Crassulaceae family. It is hardy and meant to be planted outside where it can spread. I live in Zone 9, so the winters here are mild.

Monrovia’s plant information claims that this succulent is evergreen in regions with mild winters, which I have found to be true, in the sense that green starts or mature plant is always there. When I left it out this fall and winter, it grew long arms and then they died, leaving brownish, slimy dying leaves. New starts quickly came up through the center.

Starts growing from dead leaves, November of last year

As with most succulents, this plant prefers to be dry a lot of the time. So, wait for it to completely dry out and then water it well.

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