Little Pickles Through the Months

“Little Pickles” is the common name for Othonna capensis. It is a succulent in the Asteraceae family (genus Othonna).

July – a hot day, but not too hot, in partial sun, watered regularly (every few days). Do not use photo without permission.

The leaves (which are fleshy) look like tiny pickles and it ranges in color (green to pink to purple) based on the environment. I grow this outside in a pot right against my house so the eaves protect it from rain and snow. It is hardy—it can handle 30 degrees to 105 degrees Fahrenheit in my experience (Northern California).

I have noticed that the plant is purple when in harsher conditions (such as cold or hot or too wet/dry), and green when the weather is nice (60-80 degrees, not too wet or dry). This is because the plant changes color based on its stress level.

To demonstrate this change in color, browse the photos in this post, which I took of my plant through time. I’ve provided information in the caption of each image.

November – in the 60s (fall mix of cool and warm) during the day and watered less regularly (once every 7-12 days). Do not use photo without permission.
February – has recently gone through a snow storm and now nights at 40-ish degrees. Do not use photo without permission.

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