Getting Rid of a Poison Oak Rash

This summer, someone in my family got poison oak on his clothes and without knowing it, he transferred some of the oil from the plant to his body and developed a rash.

We tried cheaper alternatives that just weren’t working well, and when you have that sort of itch and pain, you need something that works well. If you have ever had a rash from poison oak, poison ivy, or sumac, you might be able to relate.

Zanfel cream takes care of rashes from poison oak, poison ivy, and sumac.

We went to the nearby pharmacy and looked at the over-the-counter products. There were a few options, but by far the most expensive was Zanfel at $45 USD per tube. We thought, no way are we spending that kind of money. But then we did the math. With repeated use of cheaper products adding up, plus the weeks of itching and pain that lie ahead, something about the same cost as a doctor visit copay for most insurance-holders didn’t seem so expensive. Especially with its promise of relief within 30 minutes (not weeks). So, did it work? Is it worth the money?

Yes—it works, and it works well. It is really so effective that now the $45 sounds like nothing. You wet the affected area, squeeze 1.5 inch of cream onto your hands, rub your hands together for 10 seconds to make a paste to activate the ingredients, then rub on the affected area for 15 seconds to 3 minutes, depending on the severity of the rash. For my family member, it was about 30 seconds. Then you rinse the area thoroughly.

Directions for using Zanfel

The box even gives a 1.5-inch measurement, which is especially handy so you’re not having to involve a ruler in the process. You don’t want to have poison ivy or poison oak on your ruler.

The box has a printed ruler

Also, I want to note that the Zanfel cream we bought has an expiration date in 2030! That is nearly a decade from the time I am first publishing this post. So if you want to have it on hand in case of an emergency, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on something that will expire in a year, Zanfel is a great choice. You can purchase Zanfel on Amazon (and at the time of this writing, it is cheaper on Amazon than it was in the drug store).

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