Give Your Cantaloupe Plants a Lot of Space

Last year, I grew French cantaloupe from seed. Then, I dehydrated the fruit into a crispy, thin fruit leather. It was delicious and different than the typical flavors of strawberry or apple or apricot.

This year, I decided to grow melon from a start I found at the store. The melons that are coming off the vine are beautiful, with a deep green color and lighter green stripes.

Inside, the fruit is a great texture and nice color! I picked the first melon a little too early, but it was still edible and fresh.

Cantaloupe from the garden, cut in half

I put the cantaloupe in an 8’ x 4’ bed with three tomato plants and a pepper plant. Some basil sits in the corner. The melon vines have taken over the bed. They crawl out from the bed and across the path to the strawberries.

Cantaloupe vines spilling out of the garden bed

This past week, I cut back 50% of the vines so the tomatoes don’t get suffocated. It was a whole heap of vines. We can’t wait for our green waste pickup! The bin is full!

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