Juicing Your Vegetables

I love juicing! My all-time favorite juicer, which has been an amazing worker for over ten years, is my Breville Juice Fountain. Breville Juicers are amazing. They really get all the liquid out of the vegetables and fruits.

I like a little foam on top of my juice, but if you hate foam, the juicer I use has a little pitcher with a lid that holds back the foam when you pour.

Here’s what I put in my juice usually. It’s not an exact science, so adjust as you see fit. I juice an entire bunch of kale, three sticks of celery, three large carrots, an apple, and about a quart of spinach. You need to use a lot more greens than you think you do, even if it seems like a lot, because they don’t produce as much liquid as an apple does. You need your greens!

Drinking this in the morning an hour before breakfast is a great way to go because then you start the day right. 🙂

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