Red Belle and Sparkler Radishes

This spring, I planted two types of radishes: Red Belle and Sparkler. The Red Belle variety of radishes is solid, bright red and best picked on the young side before they get too big. Sparkler radishes are half white, half red.

Red Belle Radishes (solid, bright red) and Sparkler Radishes (red and white)

I gave away most of my radishes because, unlike other vegetables, you have to eat them the day you pick them. So, if you pick a bunch of ripe radishes, you have to eat all of them that day or give them away. Even if kept in the fridge, radishes start to shrivel within a few hours.

I planted these radishes among my zucchini/squash because zucchini come up much later than radishes do. So, while the zucchini are small, I can use the rest of the soil space in my garden box for radishes, which are all mature by the end of June. The zucchinis don’t come up until July.

Radishes (the smaller green leaves) among the yellow squash and zucchini (the bigger green leaves)

How to eat radishes? I recommend slicing them thinly and topping tacos with the slices. Your tacos get a nice little kick with some radish slices. This is a great option for those who don’t like anything spicier than mild salsa (for example, some people like to put hot peppers on their tacos). Radishes have a kick, but are mild enough that anyone can enjoy them.

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